January 9, 2011

Blotchy Baby

Poor Phebis. She has the hives. I noticed it yesterday morning at bathtime. I wracked my brain and did some sleuthing and the best thing I can come up with is that she is sensitive to the strawberry/apple/banana blend baby food she had on Friday. Since she's had apples and bananas with no problems I'm guessing that strawberries are the culprit. She looked worse this morning than she did yesterday, but seems a little better tonight. They don't seem to itch or bother her -- she is blotchy but otherwise happy!

You can't really see the hives ... but isn't she cute?

This is what her face looked like tonight, a bit better than this morning.


A few spots didn't keep her from having some fun with Daddy.


joy said...

Ack! The toofers are too cute!

Look at all the pretty blonde hair in the video!

Too bad the strawberries gave her some hives. Can she eat the strawberry flavored puffs?

Jersey Mama said...

Yes, oddly enough the strawberry puffs don't seem to do anything! I guess it's not real strawberry flavoring. LOL

Meleah said...

Caleb got hives from eating bread with real Mexican Vanilla. He didn't seem to be too uncomfortable either. The video's awesome! Daddy play times are better than toys:).

Jackie's World said...

What a sweet baby :o)