January 30, 2011

The End Of A Snowy Month

I think the Boogie got hold of the camera the other day ...

The current living room window treatment

Front door sans trim; closet sans trim ... and doors ... gotta get around to that one of these days (that's for you, Pops. What movie, what movie?)

Don't worry, fake spider. Interestingly enough, the Boogie is not bothered by this plastic spider one bit, but a much faker (is that a word?) one in a book freaks her out.

I love the feet pictures. There are always feet pictures when she has the camera!

What I was actually looking for were these pictures ...
Someone stuck under the table.

Just look at those chubby legs!

 "Look at me, I'm standing up!"

Two pretty girls, all dressed up for church.

Pile on Daddy!

On Wednesday we got some snow in the morning, had a break in the afternoon, then got another 10 or so inches that night. Because of the impending storm the schedule at the office was very light so MA gave me the afternoon off, which was unexpected and very nice! I got to stay home with my girls all day (except for a quick trip to the grocery store for the snowstorm essentials: bread, milk, and eggs. I mean, really, how can one expect to survive a nor'easter without the ingredients for french toast?) At 3:45 on Wednesday morning when the alarm went off, Eric got up to look out the window, said "They haven't even plowed the street yet," and came back to bed. At 5:00 he tried to call his work to tell them he wouldn't be coming in, but no one answered the phone. I guess no one made it there by the regular start time! We all slept in and he eventually did get through to his supervisor. He could have dug out the driveway and gone in late but decided to just use a vacation day. We are thankful for paid time off. :)

We've had quite a bit of snow this month -- and I do mean QUITE a bit -- and I've had several patients at work ask me how the Boogie likes it. The answer is "Oh, ummm, well, I don't really know ... because I don't take her out in it ..." Maybe it's because I don't have any snow gear except for boots, but I hate going out to "play" in the snow. I hate being cold. I hate being cold and wet. I took her outside when we got a bunch of snow right after Christmas and I lasted about twenty minutes before starting to ask her, "Aren't you cold? Don't you want to go in now?" So this time, since Eric had to go out to shovel anyway, I bundled her up in her new hand-me-down-but-still-in-stellar-condition snowsuit and her borrowed snow boots and sent her out with Daddy.

She had a  blast! Eric built her a snow slide.

They threw snowballs at each other and she "helped" clean snow off the cars. I don't know how long she was out there for but after a long time I suddenly thought, oh no, her feet are probably frozen! I called her in and pulled her boots and mittens off and her fingers and toes were just as warm as if she'd been inside with slippers on. And she was so worn out that she took a nap that afternoon, a rare occurrence!

Speaking of naps, my very good sleeper has learned how to stand up in her crib and now does it all the time which is wreaking havoc with her naps. We used to be able to lay a sleepy Phebis down with her blankie and she would pop a thumb in her mouth and go right to sleep. Now she stands up and cries. We let her fuss for a bit, go in and lay her down, and she immediately pulls herself back up and cries harder because we came in but didn't get her up. Eventually she is too exhausted to pull herself back up anymore and passes out. After about forty-five minutes, the length of a sleep cycle, she wakes up and instead of popping that thumb back in her mouth she remembers that she can stand up ... so she does ... and cries. Since she's had some sleep she's not as tired anymore so I get her up, and within about an hour or so she's tired and crabby again because she didn't nap long enough ... ugh. Also she has started sometimes waking at night about forty-five minutes after going to sleep the first time, as well as waking in the middle of the night to eat which she hasn't done on a regular basis since she was about 3 months old. I am hopeful that this is just a passing phase (please, oh please, let it be a phase) related to learning a new skill and that we will get back into our old groove soon, or at least figure something out that means a less tired and crabby baby.

No new snow today but I hear we're supposed to get some on Tuesday. How is it, then, that when I wanted to buy some flannel sheets I could hardly find any, yet Target is fully stocked up on bikinis and Kohls has shorts and ruffly little short-sleeved shirts on sale? (MIL found some flannel sheets for me, though, and boy are they nice and warm.)

49 days till spring!


Meleah said...

It's supposed to be -30 here right now. It's grocery sale day, so I gotta go. Brr. I can sympathize. The thing that helped me was when I got a snowsuit. I was so toasty warm that I was kinda sad about going inside because Kiersten was needing me:). It's a good excuse to drink cocoa and wearing the kids out is a definite plus. They tire quickly from trying to just walk in the snow. I'm looking forward to our trip to Georgia and praying that it gets warmer before we go.

joy said...

That spider is super gross. It looks like a tick...another thing to look forward to this spring, blarg.

I Love the thighs. Love it.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I have our flannel sheets on the bed right now........they are tan with Autumn leaves on them........and I think they are from Target. Definately a good purchase.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

oooops,,,,,,wanted to tell you, I am having an apron give-away on my blog.