January 2, 2011

Picture Time

Come on, girls, let's take some pictures of you in your new matching jammies!

Oh, so cute. Sit up, now.

Look at Mama! Smile!

No, no, don't pull sister's hair. Look over here! Over here, baby!

Oh, help her sit up. Sit up, baby!

Oh ... oh ... sit her up ...

Okay, never mind.

Let's try some on the floor, then.

Yoo-hoo, look over here!

Both of you together, look at Mama!

No, don't come over here, just look over here.

Oh, well, let's try to take one with me in it too. Lay down, baby ...

Oh, well, forget about the baby. Oops, I blinked. Boogie, scoot down here closer to my head.

That's better. Oops, now you blinked.

Ew, ew, yuck, a soggy toy on my face!

Aaaand now baby's on my face.
I give up.


Kali said...


joy said...

Hee hee. The last one is super cute. Nice jammies!

Meleah said...

Totally the baby thing. I don't know why they think they have to sit on our heads when we're laying down or think it's time to eat whenever we sit down:). Love all the pics though:) Real life!