January 24, 2011

Late Night Thoughts

Last night the Boogie had the hiccups. She was coming down the hallway in front of Eric when all of a sudden he grabbed her and swooped her up. She wasn't expecting it at all and was so startled she burst into tears. He hugged her and kissed her and apologized ... but the hiccups were gone!

Later she came up to me with a sad face and said, "I really need a band aid on my finger." I thought it was a fake sad face so I poked a little fun at her to try to make her laugh, but instead of laughing her eyes filled with tears and her chin started quivering and she buried her face in my leg. I think I hurt her feelings. Bad mama. :(
When Pheeboo wakes up from her nap the Boogie will often climb into the crib with her to keep her happy while I finish doing whatever I'm doing. Today she called to me from in there, "Come see, Honey, we're two babies baking a cake!"

Often, early in the morning after Eric leaves for work, she will climb into bed with me. She snuggles up against my back and sometimes puts her arm around me. If Pheeboo wakes up she comes in too, and I get to watch them play and listen to them talk and babble and laugh.

I love watching them together.

When I lay in bed at night trying to turn off my brain so I can go to sleep, I always start thinking about my girls and how cute and sweet and funny they are.

I think about the things that they did during the day and the things the Boogie said.

It makes me smile in the dark. Sometimes it makes my heart skip a beat.

I love those girls so much. I am so thankful to God for letting me be their mama.

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