January 15, 2009

Boogie Video

I take back what I said before about an inch of snow. It wasn't even that much. It's melting now and the roads are clear, so that makes me happy. Snow looks so lovely while it's falling, but that's pretty much the only thing I like about it.

I don't believe I've introduced you to our newest friend. I'll call him Mr. B. He recently joined our church and he and My Man hit it off right away. To be honest, I think they were twinz in another life. The Boogie adores him, as you can see. He often puts her up on his shoulders and she has a strange fascination with his hair which always makes me laugh.

Here we sit having a little chat.

And here is some fun time with Daddy. I apologize for the loud laughter on my part. I guess I was holding the phone too close to me. I love how she comes down the hall and peeks around the corner looking for him.


Engrafted Lives said...

Enjoyed watching your video clips.

Chuck said...

Thanks for brightening my morning!

speck said...

The Baby Bird loves, and I mean LOVES the videos of your boogie. I think it's because they speak the same lingo.