January 11, 2009

A Brand New Week

Remember what Anne Shirley said in Anne of Green Gables? Something about tomorrow being a new day with no mistakes in it? Isn't it nice to be at the beginning of a brand-new week, all shiny and empty, ready to be filled with what you put into it?

SIL1 has kindly loaned us her elliptical which could not be squeezed into their apartment anymore. It has taken residence in our bedroom and will start earning its keep this week! DH needs to lose some weight, so we're going to make a few changes to our diet and start holding each other accountable to exercise. I'm still doing Pilates (though I did slow down quite a bit over the holidays) and can tell a difference in my stamina. :) The next thing will be to find the Pilates ball that's packed away somewhere so I can start using it to ramp up my workout!

The Boogie has a new thing where when we ask her, "Are you ready to go night-night?" she says "okay," runs into her room, shoves a binky into her mouth if she can reach one in the crib, and climbs up onto the crib side and waits for us to come put her in. If we take too long she starts yelling, "Help, please!" which sounds more like " 'el, kee!" She has been in bed for thirty minutes tonight and is still singing softly to herself in her room.

I've decided that I don't want to refer to my Dear Husband as DH anymore. Not that he isn't my Dear Husband (because he most certainly is) but I want to use something a little more personal. I've been thinking about it for a long time and couldn't decide on anything I liked. I rarely call him by his name. He's just Babe. But I can't refer to him as Babe here because it looks like I'm writing about a pig or a big blue ox. Today I asked him what he would like me to call him and he came up with several silly names, none of which I liked. Or so I thought at first. Sometimes when I do something that exasperates him a little bit he exclaims good-naturedly, "Woman!" It tickles me when he does that. So he suggested that I call him Man. That seemed ... vague. And rather cold. And definitely impersonal. However if I put a little word right in front of it suddenly it sounded right. Therefore from now on I think I am going to call him My Man. I may slip up for a while at first while I'm getting used to it. We'll see how it goes. :)

Good-night, y'all. My shiny new empty week will start off much better if it's preceded by a good solid sleep.


Cove Girl said...

You should be a helper to the Super Nanny with helping to put some of those hooligan kids to bed. That's amazing.

Dustin said...

I think Miss Anne "with an 'E'" probably stated it a little more melodramatically than that, but your point is well taken. New weeks are good :) Also, just wanted to let you know that I replied to your "tagging" over on my blog. See you and "My Man" on Tuesday!

Jersey Mama said...

I take no credit for her wanting to go to bed. She does it all of her own self.

Logophile said...

I've wandered over from Dustin's blog and I HAD to pitch in my two cents when you not ONLY invoked Anne but also discussed something I wrestled with regarding how to name, without naming, my family online.

I hated "hubby" (not in general, just doesn't fit for us),"DH" is sooo not my style, etc., etc.
I finally settled on "my honey" or Mr. Logo for that guy I married.
My kids are Thing One and Thing Two (courtesy of The Cat in the Hat).
Lovely place you have here! :D