January 17, 2009

Fun At Ikea And Other Places

Yesterday I worked all afternoon. It was fun! It tickles me when patients come in and say, "Oh, you must be new here." I enjoy seeing how befuddled they get when I tell them that I've worked there for 2 1/2 years. It's like they're thinking, "Wait! She's worked here for two years? Then I must have seen her before." Then they're sort of embarrassed because they think they didn't remember me when actually they probably never did see me before.

While I worked The Boogie spent the afternoon with her Mom Mom and Pop Pop. My Man came home after work and worked out on the elliptical, and then headed to 52 for dinner. After dinner they came to pick me up from the office and we drove to Ikea in Philly. I "heart" Ikea. It's so fun to go there because we can buy a lot of things without spending a lot of money. It makes me feel like this:

We came home with six new plastic plates ($.49 each), a plastic stool ($3.49) and a really cute stuffed elephant ($4.99) for the Boogie, a box of straws ($1.99), a machine-washable rug for right in front of our door ($2.99), and this duvet cover that I have been eyeing for months. It's a nice (inexpensive) new look for our bedroom. Our old duvet cover came from Ikea three years ago. It is red with a white leafy pattern all over it. I really liked it when we bought it and I still like it but I haven't been able to find the same shade of red for curtains or sheets to match it. This one just has a little bit of red and goes with the curtains and sheets we already have. So that's why I "heart" Ikea! Plus it's fun to just walk around and check everything out.

After Ikea we went to the airport to pick up Mr. B's fiancee (naturally he would have preferred to pick her up himself but had to work.) Her name is Miss A. After they get married I will change her name to Mrs. B ... maybe. Or maybe she'll just stay Miss A! Why confuse things, right? I'm already confused trying to remember to write My Man instead of DH. (And now that I've done that I feel the need to give all the SILs and BILs more personalized nicknames ... more confusion!) ANYWAY we had never met her except through Facebook so I was a little bit worried about how we would recognize her but she saw us first and recognized the Boogie right away from all the pictures Mr. B has sent to her. She is very nice and we are pleased to finally meet her after hearing so much about her from Mr. B.

Today was My Man's Saturday off for this month. It was wonderful to sleep in late this morning. When the Boogie woke up we just brought her into bed with us and snuggled with her! We were going to go out to breakfast using a gift certificate we had, but I must have thrown it away because we couldn't find it anywhere. :( My poor Man. He was really looking forward to going out. (I felt very badly about it. I must have thrown it out with the electric bill we couldn't find last week. That's what happens when I get fed up with papers laying around. I end up accidentally throwing away something important.) But he cooked us a tasty breakfast at home and then we ran some errands.

At Target there is a Starbucks conveniently located right by the front door. Starbucks is not my favorite but some days, like today, I just need to have a white chocolate mocha. I started drinking it and found a hair! EEWWWWW!! I took it right back and the barista acted properly horrified and immediately made me a fresh mocha and gave me a voucher for a free drink. It was kind of gross but at least the barista looked like a clean person so it was probably a clean hair. And I get a free drink for my inconvenience ... as long as I don't get all crazy and start purging and accidentally throw away my voucher.

We had a gift card for Target so we bought this lamp for our living room. It's very nice with glass shades and everything. It has a nifty reading light on the side, too. Finally we have enough light in our living room! Thank you Mom3 and Pop3!

From Target we headed to Shop Rite which was a total zoo. I thought it was bad when I went shopping on New Year's Eve, but it was much worse today, I guess because of the Eagles game tomorrow. Thankfully all we needed was coffee creamer and clementine oranges. I bought a box of them earlier this week and we finished it off in three days, so today we went back and got two more boxes. They are very addictive and delicious. It probably wouldn't be good for us to eat so many of them all the time, but they're only available for a limited time and I figure that they're fruit and vitamin C so it's okay to binge for a week or so. :)

After we got home Mr. B and Miss A stopped by to visit for a bit. They brought a big stuffed Care Bear and some sweet Valentine's clothes for the Boogie. She wanted to put on the stripey pink hoodie right away and had to wear it for the rest of the day. Miss A and I compared notes and I am even more firmly convinced that My Man and Mr. B were twinz in another life. I think we are going out for lunch with them tomorrow afternoon and then watching the football game together. To be honest, I probably won't watch the game. Football is so confusing to me and I hate all the time-outs. They just make the game drag on and on and on ... give me baseball any day. It is sounding like the game might be projected huge onto the wall over at 52 so I may just bring the Boogie home for naps. She and I both have colds and can use some extra sleep, I think. And in case you forgot, I love naps. Naps are my favorite!


Cove Girl said...

I've never been to Ikea, but I hear it's great. I really should make time to go.

I'm all about the game tomorrow. I guess since you're not into football I can't talk much smack, but I'm sure you hubby will be rooting for the Eagles. If that's the case tell him, from me of course, that it's hopeless. The Steelers at home there's no better crowd and they're gonna take it;) The Eagles have had a good run this season, but it's time to just give it up, LOL! Let the games begin.

Engrafted Lives said...

That was a cute Ikea video. I went to Ikea,once with Steve, and another couple from church. It was an all day ordeal. Two hours to get there, four hours to shop (because there was so much ground to cover) and two hours to get back home.

I am not a big fan of shopping, so I found the whole trip to be exhausting. However, I will agree that you can get a lot of nice things for a low price. Your duvet and lamp look very nice too!

Now let's talk about the coffee. To begin with it's an EWWW because it is Starbuck's. A double EWWWW because it was a Starbuck's coffee with hair. Yuk! The feeling that comes over you when you find something in your drink or food is down right disconserting.

Meleah Holloway said...

That IKEA commercial was hilarious!