January 31, 2009

Cutting It Close

My car passed inspection! The line wasn't very long at all and they inspected it so quickly that for a moment I thought it must have failed something. I did have a moment of panic when I pulled my insurance and registration cards out of the glove compartment and the registration said "valid through 1/2008." I think my heart literally skipped a beat and I suddenly felt ill. How could I not have renewed my registration? How could I have gone a WHOLE YEAR past the expiration date without ever realizing it? Further searching found the current card -- whew! However the expiration on that read -- you guessed it -- "valid through 1/2009" which meant I had until today to renew it. No big deal, I thought. I'll just get online and do it. But I didn't do it on Thursday (have I mentioned before that I'm a procrastinator?) Then I honestly and truly forgot all about it until last night. My Man pulled up the website for me last night but because I never received a renewal form in the mail (no wonder I forgot all about it!) I couldn't do it online. Then I really panicked because I thought I would have to wait until Monday and probably have to pay a late fee or something. My Man did a little searching and found that the DMV would be open this morning -- whew again! I packed up the Boogie and headed over there early expecting a long wait since it's the weekend and the last day of the month. But I was in and out in about ten minutes. And the scary receptionist of prior experiences was in a good mood. :) Praise the Lord for working everything out!

After that we went to the library to find some new DVDs for toddler viewing, then picked up My Man for an excursion to Chick-fil-A and Target. At Chick-fil-A we met a family in the play area with a little girl just four days younger than the Boogie. The play area was clean and there were hardly any kids there so it was a pleasant experience for all. The little girls played very nicely together.

This afternoon my BFF in Montana called me! We talked for over an hour. I haven't seen her since I got married. :( Today I did my best to convince her that she and her husband, Mr. Cowboy, need to come to the East Coast to visit. We have lots of mutual friends out this way and apparently Mr. Cowboy has some family not too far from here, too. Chica, if you are reading this, you NEED TO COME TO NEW JERSEY. We would have so much fun. If you come I promise we will take you to NYC and Philly and the shore.

Here's the Boogie talking to her Lela, I believe. Apparently she thinks Lela is outside somewhere. (I was on the phone with my BFF which is why my comments make no sense.)

The Boogie makes me so happy. I love her cute little face and her adorable grin and her cheerfulness. I love all the things she is learning to say. I love hearing her sing to herself all day long. I love how her clean face shines and how good she smells fresh out of a bath. I love when she sees me and says, "Mama!" as she runs across the room into my arms. I love feeling her little arms hug my neck tight. I love how she lays in her crib and says "I luh you" around the binky in her mouth and makes a kissy noise at me. At night when I am easing into sleep I think about the things she did that day and it literally makes me smile and laugh in the darkness. I love her so much it makes my heart ache with happiness sometimes. She is such an amazing little person and I thank God daily for allowing us to have her in our lives.


SweetGirl00God said...

You have such a precious gift, girlie! :)

Engrafted Lives said...

Procrastination isn't our friend, but praise God his hand of blessing was upon you as you went for your vehicle inspection and registration. God is so good!

The friend you were speaking too (your BFF) would she be the same gal with the initials MS?

Another great video of the Boogie!

Jersey Mama said...

Yep that's her only now her initials are MF. :)