November 15, 2009

All Together Again!

My Man was gone last week. It was his final furlough from work and that wonderful guy offered to drive to Kentucky to help my grandparents with some work around their house. My mom is there for a month and they all had a great time together. He was able to get a lot done and he even brought some of my Mamaw's family-famous pizza back with him. It was gooooood.

The Boogie and I survived just fine while he was gone, though we missed him a great deal. As time went by the Boogie got more and more, as my mom would say, persnickety. She was generally her well-behaved self but was occasionally a little more pushy, a little more belligerant, and a little more obstinant. All in all it was a good week, however, and we are very happy to have the Daddy home. On Friday night after he got home the Boogie couldn't get enough of him. She had to sit on his lap or lay next to him with her head on his leg. When she got up for a minute I took her place and she tried as hard as she could to push me away. "No, Honey! That's my daddy!"

Baby is making his/her presence known this week. I am feeling definite little kicks. They are very slight, sort of like being flicked by a finger, and can't be felt on the outside. But they're definitely kicks! Feeling that movement is my favorite part of being pregnant. :)

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week? I must confess that I am looking forward to it not only for the holiday and having My Man home for a couple of days, but also because it is the official start to the holiday season and will end my self-imposed ban on Christmas music!

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