November 11, 2009

The Secret Of A Good Night's Sleep ...

... is to find the most comfortable position, of course.

There have been more diapering shenanigans going on around here. Do you think I should teach her how to change her own? Or is it time to lose the diapers altogether? (Don't answer that.)

She is getting kind of sassy. She loves to eat Nerds (the candy) and the other day I had put a few into a small cup for her. When she finished she brought the cup to me and asked for more. I told her no so she dropped the cup on the floor. Not really thinking about what I was saying I told her, "Pick up your bowl, please." She put her hand on her hip, cocked her head and said, "It's a cup, silly."

This morning when she woke up she came running out of her room: "Goo' morning, Honey! Whatcha doin'? What's up?" Last week after a bath we put  her on her potty. Right away she jumped up saying, "Look, Daddy! I go potty!" It was one small drop so he told her to sit down and try again. He left the room and pretty soon she came running back to us carrying the potty chair and saying, "Look, guys! Look, guys!" If we ask her to do something she answers, "Uh course. Uh course I do." I love her cute little voice. I will be sad when it changes to big-girl tones.

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