December 9, 2009

15 Days Till Christmas

That is actually kind of an overwhelming thought ...

The other day the Boogie tried to get a travel-sized deodorant off of my dresser but couldn't reach it. "Oh, no!" she cried, running to find me, "Honey! My baby armpit!"

We put up our meager Christmas decorations on Sunday. Though we don't have a lot it works out pretty well since we don't have many places to put things out of Boogie reach. She's done pretty well with the nativity scene that is at her level. We're planning to get our tree tomorrow which will make it really feel like Christmas in here! I love Christmas trees. Also I picked up a gorgeous ponsettia for a steal at $.99 last week -- it really is beautiful. I hope I don't kill it too quickly.

It's crazy stormy today! Dark, very windy, and very rainy. If it continues through tomorrow we will NOT be getting our tree until the weekend.

Last night in the car we listened to a Christmas cd. The Boogie danced in her seat and sang along with "Jingle Bells." When it was over she clapped and said, "I love that Jingle Bells song!" It is her favorite. If I try to sing anything else she stops me and says, "No. Sing Jingle Bells." The same cd has some songs about Hanukkah which she also sings along with, and will even sing a few words of on her own at random times.

I have much to do today. My requisite 2 cups of coffee have been consumed and so has my breakfast (grilled ham and cheese sandwich, my current favorite. I can eat it every day.) I have made myself a list of things to accomplish before leaving for work -- time to get started!

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