December 2, 2009

It's Christmastime!

December already! Part of me can't believe that it's here, and the other part of me is so excited for the holiday season. I am uncertain as to why my level of Yuletide spirit is quite so high. The reasons I can come up with are these: 1. The Boogie is old enough to really enjoy Christmas songs, a tree, special seasonal treats, and lots of twinkly lights and I plan to enjoy it as thoroughly as possible with her; or 2. Pregnancy hormones exaggerate my feelings about everything. I highly suspect that it's a combination of the two.

Here's a little something to get you into the holiday spirit:

On Saturday night we were having a quiet evening at home. We turned on "White Christmas" and the Boogie watched for a while then went into her room to play. Her room is right down the hall from the living room and we've shoved a washcloth in her door to keep her from slamming it closed, so it is always open when she's awake. We could hear her playing and talking and singing in there. After a bit I started to doze. I could still hear the movie and the Boogie playing as I drifted in and out. Eventually the Boogie came back into the living room and I woke up enough to notice a smear of red on her eyelid, as if she'd taken a crayon and rubbed it on her face.
 "What's on your face?" I demanded, wide awake now.
 "My colors!" she said, holding up her hand to show me what looked like red marker all over her fingers.
My Man headed back to her room and while I followed I wracked my brain to figure out where she got markers ... only to discover it wasn't that. My mom had sent me a framed picture of the Boogie that I had laid flat on her dresser, intending to hang it on her wall, and it was on the floor with the glass broken into long shards and stacked neatly on top of it! Somehow, without us hearing anything, the Boogie had broken the glass, picked it up and cut her finger, handled the picture enough to get blood on the front and back of it, and stacked the glass on it. There was a little blood on her face and some on her door but that was it, and she never realized that she hurt herself, insisting that the red was from "my colors". I still don't know how she could have broken the glass without us hearing anything; though I was dozing I was awake enough to notice an unusual noise, and My Man wasn't sleeping at all. Someone suggested that she stepped on the picture which makes the most sense to me -- if she knocked it on the floor face-down and then stepped on it, the sound of breaking glass would have been muffled by the carpet. Praise the Lord the glass broke into shards instead of shattering into a million little pieces ... praise the Lord she only cut her finger a tiny bit ... praise the Lord she didn't step on glass or get any in her eyes ... And I've learned my lesson: no more picture frames within reach of the 2-year-old!

On Sunday we dressed up and had SIL3 take some family pictures for us after church. I love this one because of the Boogie's pose.

I think she was trying to eliminate the memory of her recent nursery behavior which resulted in her being kicked out of there ... by me.

Oh, the shame.

Poor little girlie started sneezing her head off last night and sure enough woke up early this morning with a stuffy nose and cough. I hope that's all it ends up being and that she doesn't give it to the rest of us! She is happy, though, as she usually is. 

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

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