December 20, 2009

White Pre-Christmas

We had a lovely winter storm blow through here leaving us a Christmas gift of over 20 inches of snow. It looked so pretty falling all day yesterday. Church services were canceled this morning but the families in this building and the ILs from 52 met in our apartment for a short sermon and some lunch. Afterward we bundled up and headed outside with snow shovels to clear around our vehicles so that we can go to church tonight and get to work in the morning. Soon after we finished, someone from apartment maintenance showed up with a snow blower! Oh my aching back ...


Last night from our windows


This morning from our windows


Let's go outside!

My Man tried to back his car up last night and got stuck.

I walked over to 52 to borrow a shovel. FIL had already cleared out their sidewalk and driveway. The snow was past my knees!

FIL's truckbed full of snow

From inside My Man's car -- the door barely skimmed the top of the snow.


Tonight is a Christmas program that the kids have been working on with SIL1 and SIL2 so we are looking forward to it!

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Engrafted Lives said...

Awesome pics! I haven't seen that much snow at one time in a long time. Did you build an igloo, make a snowman or a snow angel?