December 4, 2009

Mysteries of Life

For her birthday last April the Boogie received (in addition to many other things) a little marketplace set including a cash register complete with coins, cash, and credit card; fruit stand; mini-version of a reusable shopping bag; and five stuffed fabric fruits and vegetables. It has been much played with ever since though the cash has long since been destroyed and the coins have been dropped into the wrong slots of the cash register, requiring a screwdriver to retrieve them (this has happened so many times that we just leave them in there.) Several months ago one of the pieces of fruit disappeared. I searched for it for a while then gave up. I figured it was in the apartment somewhere and would eventually turn up. Since it went missing I have sorted through the Boogie's toys many times, always keeping my eye out for it. I've moved furniture and cleaned carpets -- no luck. The remaining four fruits continued to be returned successfully to their tiny shopping bag home and in the back of my mind I thought perhaps the fifth one had been accidentally thrown away or taken home with a small visitor to disappear in the depths of their own toys.

Last night while I was washing dishes the Boogie appeared in the kitchen doorway. "Look, Honey, a parrot," she said, showing me a small soft pear. "Oh, a pear," I corrected her, "that looks yummy!" She went on her way and I finished up the kitchen. Later I began to gather up toys that had migrated from her room to the living room. I saw the pear on the floor and looked around for the rest of the fruits and vegetables -- where one is the other three are usually close by. But there weren't any more and I slowly realized that this was the missing fruit! I found the shopping bag and sure enough, there were the other four. Where was the pear all of these months? How did the Boogie find it by chance when I had searched for it over and over again? Where was it??? Good grief.

Here is another mystery: how did the Boogie drag the crib out from under her bed by herself? Without me hearing? You all will think I'm deaf or something, not hearing her break a picture frame or pull a clunky crib frame out from under her bed. I can't figure out how she managed to do it in that space between the storage bin and the end of her bed. I can see her pulling it straight out, but at an angle without getting caught on anything?

It's puzzling, ain't it? (That's for you, Pops!)

This last one we figured out. The other night when the Boogie was in her room (we thought) making a strange thumping noise?

Rapidly unrolling a roll of toilet paper sounds just like banging on a drum!

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