March 16, 2011

Four Days Until Spring

Yesterday I had plans to take the girls to the library, but then the sun came out and we were lured into the parking lot of a nice playground along the way. The Boogie ran around and played with other small children, climbed stairs and ladders, went down slides, bounced on teeter-totters, and swung on the swings for a long time. The Phebis was less adventurous but she thoroughly enjoyed the swing!

(This is a laughing face, not a crying one.)

And now, some recent quotes from the Boogie.

While watching an episode of Curious George that I didn't recognize:
Me: "Is this a new George? Have you seen this one before?"
Boogie: "Yeah, I think so, a couple years ago."

Apparently she had a bad dream a few nights ago. The next night at bedtime she was worried about going to sleep, so I prayed with her that she would only have good dreams. In the morning the first words out of her mouth were "Honey, I didn't have any bad dreams! I only had good dreams, all about ... [pause] ... nuffin'."

Another morning the first words out of her mouth, while she was rubbing sleep out of her eyes, were, "Honey, when snails don't have slime they can't move. When they do have slime they move veeeery slooooowly."

And yet another morning when she woke up with some nasal congestion: "Well Honey, when I sleep for hours and hours and wake up very early, this hole in my nose isn't breathing very well. I think there's cinders in my pillow and they're getting in my nose!"

The other day she was calling me Hon instead of Honey. I guess that's the equivalent of going from Mommy or Mama to Mom.

We are working our way through all of our The Dick Van Dyke Show episodes. The Boogie enjoys them and often asks to watch some "Bick Van Ike." She knows that the Dick Van Dyke character is Rob but has a hard time remembering the names of other characters. Ritchie is "Rob's boy" and Laura is "Rob's lub [love]."

Last week was MIL's birthday so the family met at Maggiano's Little Italy for a surprise dinner. It was yummy food and good company!

The Boogie has been asking to go to the Olive Garden. As far as I know she's never been there, or at least not since she was very small, so I don't think she is remembering going. Yesterday I asked her, "What is Olive Garden?" wondering if maybe she thinks it's something other than what it is. 
"Well," she said (every answer or statement begins with "well,") "it's just a place ... where dere's lobsters ... what was that place where we went, what has the spinny doors?" 
That took me a moment; we hadn't gone anywhere with lobsters, but the spinny doors ...
"You mean Maggiano's?" I asked.
"Yes! Maggiano's! What road is Maggiano's on?"
"It's on Route 38," I answered, puzzled as to what this had to do with Olive Garden.
"You're correct!" she exclaimed. "Maggiano's is on Route 38. And so is Olive Garden!" And she's right! We drive right past Olive Garden to get to Maggiano's; Red Lobster is also nearby which I guess explains the lobster reference. I was impressed by her navigation skills, but she still hadn't answered my original question.
"You're right about where Olive Garden is," I said, "but I want to know what it is."
"Well," she started again (remember, every explanation begins with well,) "it's just a place where you go, and find a place to sit, and eat dere!"
So, clearly she knows what it is and where it is and all I can think of is that she has been seeing commercials for it.

And not to leave out the Small One, her eight teeth are coming along nicely; she is cruising along furniture and even transferring from one thing to another, but she refuses to try to stand alone, or walk unless we are holding both of her hands; she waves "hi" and "bye" and someone at church the other day said they thought she said "hi" while waving; she shakes and nods her head although I don't think she means anything by it; she eats waffles and cheerios for breakfast, and likes green beans and broccoli and black beans and corn and diced peaches;  and over the weekend she started saying "uh ... oh ... uh ... oh." It's so cute! Of course she won't do it on command or if the camera is anywhere in sight. Now we're trying to teach her to blow kisses. I love this age.

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