March 17, 2011

The Little White House: Moved In

This post is about, oh, four months late. Well, sort of, considering that it took me about two months to unpack the majority of our boxes. And you will notice that there are STILL some boxes and plenty of plastic bins sitting around!

There is much left to do. If I try to explain all of our plans this would be a novel. Therefore, you can see for yourself the obvious things, and as we complete projects I will post before-and-afters. Two of the bedrooms do not have doors on them yet, nor do any of the closets except the hall closet. There is no window trim in the living room or our room, therefore those windows still have makeshift coverings. I'm not including any pictures of the bathroom since not much has changed: shower doors, medicine cabinet above the toilet, and nasty curtains were removed; toilet, vanity, and flooring were replaced.

For reference, here are the before pictures from when we bought the house.

Laundry room (seeing pictures makes me realize how cluttered it is ... oh well.)

Kitchen (the cooler across the doorway is to keep Pheeboo out of there.) The ugly fan above the stove does have a cover -- just needs a fresh coat of paint before we put it back up.

Living room

Down the hall from the living room. First door on the right is the playroom. Second door on the right is the girls' room. Straight ahead is the bathroom. First door on the left is a hall closet, second is our bedroom. Notice the box in front of the bathroom door? That is the Phebis blockade.


Girls' room

Our room

It's really fun to look around a room and plan curtains and new furniture (eventually) and pictures on the walls and all of that. Little by little it's coming together. Meanwhile we are so happy here! We love our little house.


Chrissy said...

The house looks great!!! Good job with everything! : )

Kali said...

It's amazing how long it can take to unpack boxes. :)

I really like that shelf in the living room! I'm guessing Ikea?

Mrs. Mobunny said...

Everything looks so nice! Glad you got your own little home.