March 5, 2011

On The Couch Again

This time it's with the Boogie who woke up with a tummy ache. Per her usual she has been begging for food ten minutes after emptying her stomach. We tried a few bites of applesauce which was a no-go, and have moved onto saltine crackers. I have wishful thoughts that this will be short-lived, like a 6-hour virus or something equally ridiculous.

Please, God, oh please oh please, do not let Phebis get this. At least the Boogie can anticipate an "episode" and hold her own bowl. Plus her diet does not consist mainly of milk. *shudder*

To top off our fantastic morning, Eric texted me that he has a flat tire. He gets off work in ten minutes and then I guess he will put on the spare and take the flat somewhere to be patched. I hope it can be patched. And I think it's time to sign up for AAA.

The Phebis seems to be showing a slight improvement in nasal congestion. She is not fighting me quite as much when I wield the saline spray and aspirator (which is just a fancy word for snot-sucker.) I don't know if she realizes that it gives her some relief or if she is just resigned to the indignity. Or maybe I'm just getting stronger.

Spring cannot come quickly enough. I am done done done with horrid winter germs. Today is a little bit warmer and I have some windows open to air things out. I am so looking forward to opening every window in the house and feeling warm breezes blow through ... Meanwhile I think it's time to break out the Lysol spray.

I just looked at my calendar to see when the first day of spring is, and it's not marked! What kind of calendar is that, anyway? The Google says spring will arrive on March 20, so only 15 days away. Glory hallelujah. Plus daylight savings time begins next weekend. I love the "longer" days.

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