March 28, 2011


We all have our quirks. One of mine is that I like to vacuum. It is, oh, I don't know ... kind of relaxing, I guess. Sort of soothing. Back and forth, back and forth, forward and back. You don't really have to think about it. You can pray or sing or even talk to yourself while you do it. (Not that I ever talk to myself. Certainly not. What a ridiculous notion.) Vacuuming is good exercise, all of that pushing and pulling, pushing and pulling, making even patterns on the carpet.

That's my favorite part, the vacuum marks on the carpet.

Confession: I like to vacuum backwards out of a room so the marks aren't marred by footprints.

*sigh* I know. I'm weird. But isn't there something so relaxing about a tidy room, freshly vacuumed? Doesn't it just feel so nice and clean?

Well, until you look at the dust on the bookshelf. I choose not to look at that. I like to look at the floor.

I have other quirks, too. Someday I'll tell you about them.


The Mold-ee :) said...

There IS definitely something wonderful about coming into a freshly vacuumed room! I totally agree with you on vacuuming. I love vacuuming for its soothing, orderliness of it. Good job of vacuuming, by the way!

Chrissy said...

Ha! I do the same thing! Walk backwards out of the room as I go, making sure to run the vacuum over ANY footprints I have created. Then I stand there for a sec and feel really happy. I've even had a neighbor stop by and catch me vacuuming and say, "vacuuming again!". : )

I'm glad I'm not the only crazy one!

Jackie's World said...

ha ha...I vacuum the same way!! lol
actually funny story...while we were away last week in TX, Jon W. stayed at our house to watch our dog and ended up burning our carpet (long story...something about pizza and burning a towel in the oven).
So we're getting new carpet. I count it a blessing to have new carpet especially with a baby on the way!