July 23, 2011

Boogie Check-up

The Boogie had her 4-year-wellcheck the other day. For some reason we did last year's appointment really late, so this one was late too.

She was so excited! She had to read a chart to check her eyes, and go into another room for a hearing test. Then the assistant told her to pee in a cup, put the cup in a pass-through box in the wall between the bathroom and a small lab room (only she called the pass-through a "magic box,") wash her hands, then look in the "magic box" again and the cup would be gone. The Boogie was beside herself when she opened that box the second time and the cup had disappeared!

She had to put on a little gown.
We saw a different doctor today and really liked her. The Boogie was very chatty with her and did great while she had her check up.

And then ... and then ... and then ... she had to have five booster shots. She knew she was going to have some though I didn't know how many until we got there. She did pretty well, considering, but she did cry and cry after they were finished, big sad "that hurts" kind of tears. I hated that the appointment had to end on that note, since it had gone so well up to that point and she had been so excited!

The promise of lunch with Daddy cheered her up and she was just fine after that. And aside from yearly flu shots, she won't need any more boosters until she is 11.

She is 36 lbs, and just shy of 40 inches tall, still staying right on track with her growth curve.

That's my big girl. 

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