July 5, 2011

July Already?

And it's the fifth? That means yesterday was the Fourth. Oh, right, we watched some fireworks last night. On TV. Our poor kids. Next year FOR SURE we will go somewhere to watch fireworks. And we'll take our poor deprived children to a parade.

Five years ago today was my very first day at the office. One year ago today I returned to work after maternity leave. And five years ago today someone sweet was born. Happy 5th birthday to EK!

Our departure for Washington is coming up very soon. Some friends will be staying at our house while we're away so we've been doing some things that needed to be taken care of. You know, the kind of thing you can live with yourself but don't particular want your guests to have to live with? Like, putting up a door on the room they will be occupying ...

So yesterday was spent doing little things around the house. We didn't celebrate the holiday at all, except for watching some fireworks. Phebis enjoyed the marches and spun around and around. She kept falling down and getting back up! I guess that's how she dances.

This morning the Boogie patted Pheebs on the head and said, "This is my sonny boy." "Sonny boy!" I exclaimed. "No, she's a girl. She's a girly girl."
"Oh, right," the Boogie nodded, "she's my girly girl. Daddy is my ... boy-ly boy!" I'm pretty sure she didn't mean boily ...

Phebis has started responding "Hi!" when we say it to her. Yesterday I asked her if she wanted something and she shook her head and said "uh-uh." But she doesn't say "no" ... yet. When she nods her head she bounces her whole body up and down.

We had our second yard sale at 52 on Saturday. We didn't do as well as the first week, but we still got rid of quite a bit more which was the main goal. I must admit, it was a little weird to see some things go. A lot of what I sold had been packed away for a while, wedding gifts we never really used and things like that. But there were a few items that did get used quite a bit, like some candle holders that sat on my dresser for years, or a ride-on toy that the girls played with, and it was almost unsettling to see strangers walk away with that stuff. I know, I know, I'm weird! I have no excuse. It's how I'm wired, I guess.

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