July 13, 2011

Washington: A Day at the Zoo

On Monday morning Furry took Eric to pick up our rental car, and then we made our way via caravan to the Woodland Park Zoo. Everyone had the day off so the whole family was able to go! It was chilly but not raining and while we were there we even ran into one of my former bank coworkers.

Petting zoo

So many of my pictures were of the backs of people.

But I managed to get a few cute ones.

SL and HL were very excited to get their faces painted ... but the Boogie absolutely refused to have hers done. Everyone took a turn trying to talk her into it but she was unwavering. The only reason Eric could get out of her was that "people might look at me and not like me." She is still terrified of people in costume so I guess she thought she would look scary? She wasn't at all afraid of her cousins after their faces were painted; however, there was no convincing her to have her own done. SL and HL looked cute with their swans, though.

There is a dinosaur exhibit which, of course, freaked the Boogie out. All of the dinos made some kind of movement, and the first two intermittently sprayed water. Cousins thought that was hilarious and positioned themselves right in the line of fire; the Boogie thought it was terrifying and clung to our hands through the rest of the exhibit, asking at every new dinosaur "Does this one spray water?"
HL did her best to convince her that it was just pretend:


She was relieved to be finished with that part of the zoo and for the rest of the afternoon asked at regular intervals, "We aren't going back to the dinosaurs, are we?"

She was a good sport for pictures, though!

HL made the best "being eaten by a dino" face but I didn't get a picture so I stole this one from my mom:

The award goes to Lela, though!
We can't take her anywhere ...

We stayed until it started to drizzle and the zoo was closing soon anyway. It got very overcast and chilly. When your camera starts using the flash automatically, it's too dark!

We went to Five Guys Burgers & Fries for dinner where Mom said we found the burgers, the fries, and the five guys: Pops, Eric, B, Furry, and JL. I was holding a sleeping Phebis the whole time we were there so I didn't get a single picture.

It was a fun day and I'm really glad the whole family got to be there!

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