July 12, 2011

Washington: First Weekend

We arrived on Friday afternoon and Pops and Uncle Furry picked us up from the airport. When we caught sight of my dad I pointed him out to the Boogie: "Look, there's Pops!"
"Pops!" she exclaimed, and started running toward him, arms outstretched. I thought she was going to throw herself into his arms but she stopped about two feet from him and said, "Where's Lela?" He says it's the story of his life, and that if he rose from the dead we kids would look at him and say, "Hi Pops! Where's Mom?"

Mom had to work so she couldn't come to the airport. We made it home around the same time though and she had dinner for us. My brother and his family had planned to come see us Friday night but due to our delayed arrival they decided to let us get settled and to come visit on Saturday. Vee came on Friday, though!

Saturday was beautiful, just beautiful. Both girls woke early, because of the time difference, but thankfully the Pheebs went back to sleep. She was exhausted from not having slept much while we traveled, so that helped her to make the adjustment. The Boogie was easily convinced to stay in her bed and watch a DVD on our laptop so I could doze just a little longer.

In the late morning some very special persons arrived: my bestest friend Mrs. Cowboy and her family!
(These pictures are from right before they left that evening; the Little Cowgirl did not wear pajamas all day!)

Bless their hearts, they drove 10 hours from Montana to spend one day with us, then drove the 10 hours back on Sunday. We hadn't seen each other since my wedding, before they even got married, and we hadn't seen each other's kids. It was so great to be together. It felt like we had just seen each other last week. It's always been that way for us, over the past 17 years of friendship.
Can you believe that, Mrs. Cowboy? We've been friends for 17 years.

The Little Cowgirl was as pretty as a picture. She wasn't too sure of all the people around. It was a lot of new faces to take in. But she did really well!

She and the Pheebs are just 4 months apart. They were too cute together.

And it was the first time Mr. Cowboy had met anyone in my family aside from myself and my brother B, so that was really nice too.

A little bit later B & D and their clan arrived. The little girls were SO excited to see each other! Sadly I did not have my camera handy to get pictures of their meeting. They instantly hit it off. SL is 5, HL is 4 (just a few days younger than the Boogie) and they played and played and played hard all day long, running around the yard, playing with toys, going for walks.

JL is just 2 and was a little wary of all the new faces. He is the spitting image of his daddy B -- I had seen pictures of course but there's nothing like seeing it in person! He is the cutest little guy.

It was the first time anyone had seen Phebis, with the exception of Vee who came to visit when Pheeboo was tiny. The Pheebs was a little uncertain of everyone at first -- when Pops and my brothers held her for the first times she kept her arms elevated so she wouldn't have to touch them! -- but warmed up fairly quickly.

It was sunny and pleasant all day, so we stayed outside for most of it and visited while the kids played.
It was a perfect first day of our visit!

On Sunday morning we attended church, where the Phebis went to her first Sunday school class. She even got a take-home paper ... awwww ... After the service she made the rounds of all the men in the church, hugging this guy's legs, leaning on that man's knee, reaching up to be held by some other fellow. Needless to say they were all pretty tickled by that.

Eric and Furry spent the afternoon at a car show, and Mom and Pops and the girls and I went back to their house because we were expecting a visitor:
Yep, our friend Reenie from Philadelphia! She had sent me a text on Thursday as we were on our way to the Philly airport, saying that she had flown out to Washington (she has family there as well) and was wondering if she could visit my parents on Sunday. She didn't know we were going, so we just kept it a big secret. When she arrived at their house on Sunday afternoon I sent the Boogie to answer the door. Boy, was Reenie surprised to see us! We had a lovely visit as always and she came to church with us that evening.
It was a full and fun weekend and a great way to kick off our visit.

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