November 8, 2012

A Day in Seattle

We went to Seattle one afternoon, just the four of us squeezed into Uncle Furry's little Honda (he generously loaned it to us while the happy couple were on their honeymoon.)

First we ate lunch at The Crab Pot on Pier 57. It was so lovely we ate outside. The sun was really bright for little eyes but we finally figured out a way to shade our table. Eric had salmon steak and I had crab-stuffed salmon -- YUM. Even the Boogie still talks about her popcorn shrimp.

Peabody only cared about the tartar sauce, or "dip" ... and my broccoli. Weird kid.

From our table we could see a giant Ferris wheel at the end of the pier, and decided to go for a ride after lunch. We had to wait in line for a little while, and it didn't occur to me that the gentle rocking motion might make for upset stomachs until afterward when Eric mentioned that his got a little queasy. It was really fun and I totally recommend it ... just go before lunch.

Safeco and CenturyLink Fields in the distance ...
... and the Space Needle the other way.

After our ride we walked across the street to Pike Place Market. No one was throwing fish, sadly. The Boogie was looking forward to that. It was waaaaay less crowded than the Saturday we went on last year.

We found this duct-tape-covered car in a parking lot. I thought it was kind of clever. Cheaper than a new paint job, right?

Then we drove over to the Space Needle and went up to the top!

We even found our car!

Peabody was starting to get tired

In the gift shop the girls were delighted to find Angry Birds paraphernalia.

The Boogie found a onesie that she wanted to get for Baby O-nee but it was too small so I persuaded her to settle for a picture of it.

After all of our fun adventures we went to B&D's apartment where we met Pops and Mom and Mamaw and all had dinner together. The cousins had a blast playing together, and Mamaw gave each child something she had made for them. The Boogie and HL got hooded capes, Peabody got an adorable little bunny, and SL got a Scottie skirt. She had so much fun twirling in it that she and the Boogie began dancing together, and pretty soon cousins were dancing around all over the place.

We had such a nice time just sitting around and talking and, of course, drinking coffee! It was a really fun day.

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