November 9, 2012

Trip Miscellanea

Rather than remember our trip chronologically, I have written about several different things (click on the links to go to the individual posts):

But there was lots of other stuff too.

We got to spend some time with my dad's brother and his family after the wedding. It's been years since I've seen them, and Eric only briefly met them when we got married. Where are the pictures of them? Sadly, not in my camera because I didn't take ANY. Also I hardly have any pictures of my dad, from the whole trip! You'd think I would have learned by now ... I guess everyone is just going to have to come to New Jersey so I can take pictures of them.

Auntie Vee was at the wedding too, of course. We got to meet her boyfriend with whom Peabody became totally infatuated. She calls him Mr. Nafan and still talks about him all.the.time. He rode a motorcycle, and had an iPad with which he would entertain the girls for long periods of time. Now that we're home Peabody will sometimes come up to me with a backpack and tell me, "Hi, I Nafan. Dis my pack-pack, an' my LeapPad [she means iPad]. An' dis Auntie Vee," gesturing over her shoulder, "an' I got a helmet. An' I wide on my motorcycle!" Then she holds her arms straight out in front of her and runs away, making loud revving-engine noises.

We went to Pops and Lela's beach a few times (not actually theirs, but the one belonging to their community.)

We went for walks and picked blackberries from the bushes that grow like weeds everywhere.

We watched old movies and episodes of classic tv shows. The girls were introduced to The Red Balloon; Peabody asked repeatedly to watch it during the rest of our stay.

We went to Cabella's one day. The girls liked the giant fish tank, and the animals all over the place.

We spent quite a while in there, and ended up in the toy section. The Boogie saw a rubber band gun and begged -- begged -- to buy it. We often browse through toy sections in stores, and both girls know that when we're just looking, we're just looking and not buying. For her to plead for something meant that she really, really wanted it. Such a funny kid! A rubber band gun? So, we let her get it.

Of course we drank gallons of coffee. And we came home with a lot of it, too, from our favorite local coffee roaster.
In the Denver airport

My most favorite coffee stand ever
We drank a LOT of these.
Pops's "vintage" coffee grinder

My favorite coffee mug
And honestly, we spent a lot of time doing not-a-whole-lot.

Lela played for the girls and they all sang and sang.

A cute little nephew had a sleepover. He drove cars around making engine noises; he ran around with his 2-year-old cousin; he looked even more cute in his suit.

Girls laid around ...

... and spent some quality time with their Lela.

We tried on glasses.

Peabody finally figured out how to play this little puzzle game on my Nook, which was (and still is) wonderful for entertaining her when needed.

We went out to eat; visited different churches; saw friends. I got to spend some time with my newest SIL -- she is a lovely person, a wonderful match for my brother, and fits right in with our family! I look forward to getting to know her better, and spending more time with her in the future.

On the second flight on our way to Washington, Peabody got tired-er and tired-er until she was pretty much at the end of her rope. She was VERY crabby and finally fell asleep ... ten minutes before we landed. Figures, right? We waited until everyone else got off the plane, and managed to get to baggage claim and get all of our luggage before she woke up. Being in so many new places and seeing so many new faces made our normally cheerful 2-year-old shy and clingy the whole time we were there. Her behavior became much worse after Daddy returned home, and considering how the trip out went I dreaded flying home by myself with both girls. We had a layover in Denver and when we boarded the second flight I sent a text to family asking them to please pray that P would sleep on that flight! Praise the Lord, she did, and we made it home without any issues. Whew!

I'm so very thankful that we were able to go. I'm so glad the girls and I were able to stay as long as we did, even though Eric couldn't stay the whole time with us. Hopefully we can work it out the next time for Eric to stay a full two weeks.

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Chrissy said...

Wow! You guys did so much on your trip! I loved seeing the pictures of everything. Looks like you guys have lots of great memories now to look back on. : )