November 29, 2012

Boogie Words and Other Stuff

The Boogie is getting so grown up. She is such a sweet girl. She is so kind to her sister (most of the time!) and is a big helper to me. She is getting taller and beginning to outgrow size 5 clothes. Her hair is very, very long -- I keep thinking that we should cut it off to donate but I just can't bring myself to do it yet, even though she tells me that she wants short hair like her cousin EK. Two adult teeth are filling in her gap, and she has two more loose teeth. As my dad said when we were in Washington, "She is such a five-year-old. She acts like one, and thinks like one, and talks like one!"

She is doing well in school. She's learned lots of letters (actually she already knows most of them) and can sound out simple words as well as recognize many sight words. I like the A Beka curriculum so far. The math has seemed overly simple -- in the tenth week of school we are finally introducing some number concepts that are new to her.

While we were on our vacation her Washington cousins introduced her to that classic riding-in-the-car game, Slug Bug (or as Eric wrongly calls it, Punch Buggy) though she doesn't like the slugging part (so I only punch Eric when I see one.) For a while she consistently confused PT Cruisers with new Beetles though she's much better about identifying them now. She is also obsessed with Jeeps and added them to the game -- we resisted for a while but she was pretty insistent so now we play Slug Bug Jeep whenever we walk or drive anywhere. Even Peabody will randomly call out, "Slu' Bu' Deep! I got two points!" (For the record, there are WAY more Jeeps around here than VW Beetles. I hardly ever see a classic Beetle, and almost never see a van or bus or Karman Ghia.)

One day both girls were doing a turkey craft. There were some leftover fall-ish stickers so I helped Peabody put hers on a piece of paper in a sort of scene. When the Boogie was finished with her turkey she said, "I want to do a crime scene too." A what??? Finally I figured out that she wanted to copy Peabody's paper. I corrected her but she kept referring to it as her crime scene. I have NO idea where in the world she even heard about crime scenes! Word Girl? She is hilarious.

We rented a movie from Redbox for the girls. I returned it once they had watched it. Shortly after they went to bed that night we heard sobbing. I followed Eric in to find the Boogie sitting up in bed crying her eyes out. He sat on the bed and asked her what was wrong.
"Well," she wept, "I was just thinking about the movie,"
Uh-oh, I thought, something scared her. Then she continued, "and Honey took it back and I think I'll never get to watch it agaaaaaiin!" I abruptly left the room so she wouldn't see me laughing. As I did I heard her sob, "I think I won't get to watch it again for a hundred months!"

She has a very vivid imagination and will pretend-play Peabody is usually willing to play with her. She still loves to pretend she is a doctor and/or an animal rescuer.

Wild water! Ha!

She also likes to pretend that she is an animal -- I finally had to tell her that she is only allowed to crawl on hands and feet instead of hands and knees as she was ruining the knees on all her pants and leggings.

One of her recent thought tangents is "what if?" which she likes to discuss in the car:
"Honey, what if we were driving in the car and a big deer just jumped right out into the road, right in front of us? Then what would happen?"
"Honey, what if the moon fell out of the sky? Just pretend. Then what would happen?"
"What if there were no more cars for people to drive? Then what would we do?"
"What if we got to church and it all fell down in a big pile? Then where would we have church?"

Mrs. Cowboy sent me this link for a toddler sewing basket and I made up an embroidery hoop for each girl. Peabody isn't that interested, though she'll play with hers for a little while, but the Boogie loves it!

She made this slightly embellished "D" all by herself. I was very impressed.
Next I'll teach her to sew on buttons and mend hems!

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