November 8, 2012

A Fairybook Wedding

Uncle Furry and his lovely bride had a beautiful wedding. The weather threatened rain but cleared up in time. Lots and lots of people were there! It was so fun to see family and friends. Sadly I hardly took any pictures. Eric got a few with his phone, but I don't have any of me with any of my family except Mom, none of me and Eric or our little family, none of the ringbearer, not even one good shot of the bride and groom, ugh! I could kick myself! The wedding photographers took lots and lots and LOTS of photos, though, so I look forward to seeing those once they are published online.
The little girls were ADORABLE in their matching flower girl dresses!

 The bride's sister and her boyfriend built this swing and engraved it for the bride and groom!

 The bride made these sweet clip-on earrings for each flower girl. Peabody wouldn't wear hers but the rest of them did.

Most of the formal photography was before the ceremony. As we were herding children to the lawn for pictures, we noticed Pops walking across the grass in his tux and ... tennis shoes?

The morning of the wedding he pulled his Corframs out of their box and they looked just great, nice and shiny. At the venue he put them on, but when he started walking in them they began to completely fall apart. The sides split, and the soles came right off!
 He said it was just like a slapstick movie. Thankfully someone had an extra pair of shoes.

The ceremony went well. SL and HL weren't at the rehearsal, so they hadn't had a chance to practice. The flower girls huddled in a tight group and shuffled slowly down the aisle. Mom caught SL's eye and gestured for her to begin dropping petals out of her little tin bucket. As she did the other girls followed suit, except for Peabody who shook her bucket a couple of times, then just dumped it out. Shortly before the 3:00 start time I realized that I had forgotten to feed the girls any lunch, so P was at the end of her rope. She made it down the aisle, then came to sit with me for the remainder of the ceremony.

The reception was a buffet dinner cooked by a fellow church member and it was delicious!

 There were so many people that we ran out of tables but no one seemed to mind. My uncle and aunt flew up from California -- I knew they would be there, but what I didn't know was that they were bringing three of my cousins! That was such a great surprise. Then Mom's college roommate showed up -- Mom wasn't expecting that and I think it was the icing on the cake for her.

Eventually the best man (my brother Ben) and the maid of honor and several groomsmen gave toasts, and then Uncle Furry gave his salvation testimony. It was more like preaching than a testimony! I've never heard anything like it. It was really something.


After the toasts the bride and groom danced, then the bride danced with her parents.

The bride's father called it a fairybook wedding and it really was!

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