November 10, 2012

Sandy And Athena

That was quite a storm. Eric's shop closed at noon on Monday the 29th. I spent the morning getting completely caught up on laundry, bathing the kids, and vacuuming one last time. Once Eric got home we just waited, alternating between watching the news and Netflix. The wind got stronger throughout the day, though the worst was after dark so we couldn't really see just how strong it got. I took this video with my cell phone but it doesn't do justice to the crazy gusts.

The wind made Mama Dog very anxious. We moved her crate into our bedroom so she could sleep with us that night. She snores.

We never did lose power. We didn't even experience any brown-outs, just a little flickering here and there. A few small branches came off of the tree in our front yard; part of our neighbor's tree came down onto the fence between our yards but didn't damage it. We are very, very thankful for God's hand of protection.

The other day we had a snowstorm. Somehow I just didn't realize that it was coming, and had waited to go grocery shopping until that afternoon, which was of course when the snow started. It didn't stick until after dark, and it was heavy and wet. That night snow kept sliding off the roof which freaked out Mama Dog -- after getting out of bed every ten minutes to shush her I finally slept on the couch and let her sleep in the living room with me. At one point I heard a really loud thud and sliding sound. I thought it was a BIG chunk of snow sliding off ... but it was a big branch from the tree in our front yard. Thankfully it didn't do any damage to the house or take out any lines, but it did take out a couple other branches on its way down.

I certainly hope that these storms are NOT a precursor of weather to come this winter!

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Rhonda said...

Well PTL you are all okay. What a week for you.