November 8, 2012

Mamaw Sally

One of the very best parts of our vacation was that Mom's mom was there for most of it. She arrived in Washington two weeks before we did, to help with wedding prep. She stayed almost two full weeks after the wedding, and we had a really wonderful time. I got to spend a lot of time with my Mamaw and Papaw while I was growing up, and even as a young adult I would often fly to Kentucky to visit them. One summer I went twice! So it really meant a lot to me that she was there, not only because I got to spend a lot of time with her, but also because Eric and the girls did as well.

Per my usual, I didn't often think to pull out my camera or even my phone to get many pictures. I'm disappointed that these are the best ones I have of her (the rest are dark or blurry.) Hopefully Mom has more that she will share with me.

We often sat and just talked. We watched a few classic movies and episodes of "Dick Van Dyke" and "The Sid Caesar Show" together. We convinced her to watch The Bad Seed with us! She spent a lot of time reading to or playing with the girls and taking them for little walks. On Eric's birthday she stayed home with Peabody and when we returned she and P had a new nickname for each other: Pumpernickel. One time P was looking everywhere for Mamaw, calling "Pumpernickel! Whey ah you? Pumperrrrnickuuuhhhlll!" Meanwhile Mamaw was sitting in a chair right in the same room, and we were all dying laughing -- I don't know if Peabody was pretending not to see her, or if she actually didn't realize that she was there! Weeks later Peabody will randomly say to me, "Where my Pumpernickel?" or "I loves my Pumpernickel."

Mamaw cooked for us a few times: pork chops with stuffing; cheesecake for Eric's birthday;

and of course she made her famous-in-our-family Papaw's pizza:

Despite not having many pictures I do have some lovely memories of our time with her, and I hope the Boogie does too. And who knows? Maybe Peabody will remember a few things from this trip as well.

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