February 11, 2013

TMD11: Peabody the Photographer

Today I'm thankful for:
-a high outside temperature of 55 degrees today!
-a forecast of well-above freezing temperatures all week, plus sunshine
-the Boogie being such a trouper today while we trudged through extra lessons
 -remembering that peanut butter takes gum out of hair
-letting Peabody have the camera for a little while. It's fun to see the world through her "eyes."
She took lots and lots of pictures: me making the bed, me folding clothes, many varied shots of pillows, random things around the room. There were the obligatory feet pictures:

I remember the Boogie always taking pictures of her feet when she was this age.

Then the big sister showed up.
Please note the gum in her mouth

Oh, the silliness

Not so silly anymore. Notice where the gum is now.

Though this is blurry, the gum removal effort is apparent. This must have been about the time she came to me for help.

This is my favorite picture, though, because it contains every thing that is dear to Peabody these days: her lally (blankie), Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and the Toy Story 2 book she just got from the library. I am impressed that she happened to get everything all together in one shot.

And as an added bonus, a few more that I took.
The artist at work

"I draw a bunny rabbit!"
Last night Peabody told me, "Honey, Buzz Ligh'year is goin' potty." Absentmindedly I replied, "Oh, good." Then I realized what she said and, alarmed, asked, "Where? Where is Buzz going potty?"
"Righ' dere, on da potty!" She pointed down the hall. I ran into the hallway to find:

Whew! I was a little worried because, as you can see, Peabody's little potty sometimes lives in the hallway too, when the bathroom is occupied. And since she will use it but not tell anyone, there is often evidence in it ... so I was relieved that Buzz was using his own, although very pink, potty seat.
I'm thankful that the Space Rangers occupying my home are potty trained.

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Chrissy said...

This whole post is so great. Love the thoughts and pictures, as well as the thankfulness. I hope y'all have a great week! : )