February 27, 2013


Almost there!

Today I'm thankful:
-for day 4 of the world-record-breaking February walks. We went to a nearby development with quiet streets and nice sidewalks. The girls got out of the stroller and ran a long way.

When Peabody started to slow down I asked her, "Are your legs getting tired?" She looked down and patted her legs and admonished them, "Wake up!" Mama Dog is not a good leash-walker at the best of times. When I walk her by myself I put on her choker collar and she does a little better, but when I'm pushing the stroller I put on her harness and loop the leash around the stroller handles and she helps pull. Today the girls ran in front and Mama Dog could hardly stand it that they were leading the pack. We met a couple of other people walking their dogs and she got lots of barking and lunging into her workout.
-for an answer I've been waiting a while for
-that the ceiling in the girls' room dried out okay after I accidentally left the vaporizer on high all night. Oops.
-that the girls are feeling better and don't need the vaporizer tonight!
-spring is only 20 days away

What are you thankful for?

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