February 25, 2013


Today I'm thankful for:
-being able to go for a walk today. That's two days in a row! Mama Dog is very mellow today, I think she might be sore from all of this exercise.
-Peabody peeing on my lap instead of the couch -- it's much easier to take a shower and wash clothes than to get pee out of foam cushions. She so rarely has an accident. I guess my lap was extra-comfy and she just didn't want to get up.
-frozen vegetables ... well, you know, I'm thankful that I can buy frozen vegetables. I don't eat them frozen. But I have a very bad habit of buying fresh veggies then forgetting about them until they are no good. Frozen stays good for a long time!
-Bar Keeper's Friend. Seriously, where has this stuff been all of my (married) life? It's like Magic Eraser in powder form. My stove top is sparkling -- I don't think it's ever been that shiny. And my copper-bottomed pots!
Before, sort of -- different pot but in the same "before" condition
After! Oops, missed a spot ...

Truly, my pots have not looked like this since I started using them. Eric finally took the Bar Keeper's Friend away from me. I kept going from one thing to another. I couldn't stop.
-and lastly, this silly little girl who makes me laugh:

What are you thankful for?

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