June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

I trust all you dads out there who read my blog (I can think of three) are having or have had a wonderful Father's Day. I hope your children have honored you with gifts, cards, and/or phone calls to let you know how much you are loved. I didn't get to see my own dad today but I talked to him on the phone, plus of course I just got to spend several days with him earlier this month. I love you Pops!
And, though I don't have a picture of myself with him, my father-in-law is a pretty swell guy, too. I am doubly blessed in the dad department!

(Gotta give credit where credit is due -- SIL1 took this cute pic.)

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Engrafted Lives said...

You got that right....Dad's and Dad-in-laws are pretty special people!