June 29, 2009

Oblivious Mama

This morning while it was still nice and cool the Boogie and I went for a walk. When we got home I put her in the tub where she played happily for quite a while. When it was time to wash her she started whining and crying and complaining ... which continued long after I dressed her. Exasperated, I asked her repeatedly, "What is wrong with you? Stop crying!" Finally I gave her a snack and put in a DVD for her to watch and went about my business. Some time later I picked her up to give her a hug and she was burning up! Poor little girlie, had a fever and Mama didn't even realize it. She's had a dose of Tylonal and I'll give her one of those throat-soothing freeze pops once they freeze. H-man was sick last week and so was SIL1 so maybe she picked up some germs from them. Hopefully she will feel better soon. Meanwhile I called out from work and get to spend the whole day with her at home, an appreciated rarity. :)

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