June 24, 2009

Things Boogies Do

They wear cute little slippers that their Lela made for them ...

... or they wear other things on their feet like, you know, cups.
They sing the Hukilau Hula song with their Lela.

They take silly pictures with their Mama.
They find creative ways to use pitchers.

They find the hand soap in the bathroom, squirt it all over the toilet, and then try to clean it up with toilet paper.

They learn how to turn crooked somersaults on the bed.

Life is never dull when you are a Boogie!


joy said...

hee hee, i like how she "revs" her butt up.

Island Girl said...


nene8200 said...

She so cute!

Fischsticks said...

I love the shoes, the song and the tumbles! So, much fun! I think my fave is the song though, especially the part where she decides to create her own dance and then ends up finishing strong with your mom! =)