June 13, 2009

My Brain

It has left the building. Actually I think it may have left the state. If any of you see it would you please send it back my way? Or better yet, put it on ice and bring it to me?

This afternoon I needed to wash dishes. I turned on the faucet and added dishsoap. I watched the sink fill to about half-way, considered turning off the water, and decided it needed just a leeeetle bit more. I walked out of the kitchen and promptly forgot about it. Yes. While the water was running. When I came back a few minutes later the counter was flooded and water was on the verge of overflowing onto the floor. Praise the Lord I came back in when I did. I didn't even think, "The water is probably all over the place!" I just sort of meandered back into the kitchen. Good grief.

This afternoon we went to little DR's first birthday party. It was at 52 and everything was decorated in construction zone stuff. There was a cake for everyone and he had a little cupcake all to himself. The look on his face when he saw the cupcake was hilarious -- he got this cute little grin and looked around at everyone as if to say, "For me? All right!" It was a fun party and I think everyone had a nice time.

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Engrafted Lives said...

PTL! You caught it when you did. Could you imagine the mess you would have if you had actually left the building?