January 11, 2010

Another Monday

~ It is 17 degrees outside. The high today is supposed to be 31. I'm so thankful for a working furnace.
~ There is a battery dying in a smoke or carbon monoxide detector in the empty apartment next to us. It has been beeping once every thirty seconds or so for the past two days. Why do those things always happen on the weekend? I left a message with apartment management so hopefully maintenance comes today to take care of it.
~ Last night in the car the Boogie proclaimed, "Ladies an' gennamin! Boys an' gills! Heeeeeeeeere's Daddy!"
~ I am almost 25 weeks pregnant. How has the time passed so quickly? The baby is very wiggly and I love every kick and thump ... so far. 
~ There is half and half in my refrigerator so I just brewed some coffee for myself. There is nothing I like better in coffee than some sugar and half and half. It makes me a happy person.
~ I have a very long list of things I need to accomplish this morning before leaving for work, yet here I sit blogging.
~ All the Boogie ever wants for breakfast is cereal. This morning she said she was hungry and I told her, "I'm going to make you waffles and sausage! Doesn't that sound yummy?" "No, thank you," she replied politely, "I like ce'al."

~ After much input I have decided that these are indeed pajamas. Thank you for helping me clear up this great dilemma.

~ I hope you have a happy and profitable Monday!

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Engrafted Lives said...

Monday...it says it all. Have a super great week!