January 9, 2010


Global warming. Yup. It's happening, people. (See me rolling my eyes?)

It is so cold and dry here. I'm so ready for winter to be over. Is it spring yet? I need birds chirping and a balmy breeze to air out this apartment. I need daffodils and little green buds on the trees. I need them.

Maybe this will help ...

... hmm, nope. Not doing the trick.

This afternoon we dashed through 25 degree air to the car and drove to Borders in great anticipation of steaming hot Seattle's Best mochas. Can you imagine our grave disappointment to learn that the espresso machine wasn't working? It was very sad, I tell you. Very very sad. We contemplated loading up again and driving to Target for Starbucks, but opted for brewed coffee instead while browsing books, dvds, and 50%-off calendars. The coffee was too strong which made it taste bitter. More disappointment. We should have gone to Starbucks. We did have a nice time, though, and I picked up a Curious George calendar -- someday I would love to decorate the walls of a play area with the pictures from it. How cute would that be?! Knowing me, though, I will tuck the calendar away somewhere and promptly forget all about it.

Speaking of coffee, this morning My Man brewed a pot of it. The Boogie asked if she could have some and I told her she could. Her daddy fixed her a cup of milk with a splash of flavored creamer and a couple of spoonfuls of coffee and she loved it! She is our daughter, all right.

Here she is all ready for bed tonight in her monkey jammies she got from Mom3 and Pop3! Aren't they cute? They are so soft, too. I love toddlers in footy jammies.


The Mold-ee :) said...

She is so cute! Definitely is your daughter. :)

Engrafted Lives said...

Cute PJ's!