January 17, 2010

Wide Awake

I am not one bit sleepy. That's probably partially due to the nice long nap I took this afternoon. We all napped, in fact. It was lovely. I think my biggest mistake was the cup of coffee I took to church. It wasn't very much coffee but instead of drinking it all at once I sipped on it throughout the evening and didn't finish it until we were on our way home. So now I'm wide awake.

Yesterday after work My Man and the Boogie picked me up and we went to Ikea. It's so fun to go there. For only the $4.00 toll to get over the bridge and the cost of a few fifty-cent hot dogs, you can have a very entertaining afternoon. Not only do we like to walk around and get ideas for home decorations/improvements, we LOVE to people-watch. Yesterday was a banner people-watching day. My favorite was the girl in the sparkly red wig.

We can never go to Ikea without buying something. I love these dishwashing brushes so we always pick up a couple when we go.

You can't beat $0.99. We usually let the Boogie pick out something small and inexpensive -- this time it was a stuffed snake. We also got her this.

She loves these things and plays with them wherever she finds them: doctors' offices, the nursery, the library. She was very excited when we put it together. "Is dat mine?" she asked over and over. She didn't know what it was called. "Is dat my stuff?" This afternoon she asked me again, "Is dat my stuff?" When I assured it that it still was she ran over to her daddy and hugged him. "T'ank you, Daddy! T'ank you for my stuff!"

The other day we were making faces at each other, one of her favorite games to play. She frowned and said, "Dis my rangin face." (With a hard "g" like "hanging.")
"Your what?" I asked her, puzzled.
"My rangin face!" She repeated, scowling more ferociously. It took me a little while but I finally figured out that she meant her angry face.

Last week I realized that she is old enough to be able to play some games. We didn't have any that were age-appropriate but I heard that Target had Memory and Candyland on sale, so I picked those up along with Jenga the other day. Memory is a big hit with the Boogie. She likes to play with the cards on her own and find matches. When we play the actual game with her we pull out about 8 or 10 matches and use those. She doesn't really remember where the cards are but she has fun flipping them over. Last night we played Candyland which she really enjoyed ... until she got a card with a character on it. She didn't like that at all and after it happened a few more times she didn't want to play anymore. I think she was scared of them. Then My Man and I played a few games of Jenga which also frightened her because it was so noisy when the blocks fell over. What can I say? My kid is a wimp.

When we got home from church tonight she immediately dumped out all the Jenga blocks on the couch. Then when we weren't looking she found the spray bottle of water that I use for her hair (my fault, I left it out AND forgot to lock the nozzle) and proceeded to soak the blocks, the couch, and her shirt. Then she immediately showed me what she had done, all proud of herself. I think it was revenge on the blocks for being scarily noisy.

We got the original animated "101 Dalmations" from the library and she's been watching it a lot this past week. She loves the Pongo character and found a small stuffed Dalmation dog in with her toys, so of course she calls it Pongo. She also found a tiny brown and white dog which she named Brown Pongo. She told me the other day that Pongo went for a walk "in the pahk."
"Oh, Pongo went to the park?" I said.
"No," she corrected me, "he went to the pahk."
Nice. My 2-year-old speaks with a British accent.

Baby Sister has really popped out this month. She is very wiggly especially right after I have some coffee and also when I lay down. I can feel elbows and knees now. Last night I'm pretty sure she had the hiccups! I am feeling really well which  I'm so so thankful for. I know as I head into the third trimester I will be increasingly more uncomfortable but for now things are great.

I found this shirt on clearance at Target for $3.74! I love Target.

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We love the Ikea scrub brushes too!

I like your new blog lay out:o)