January 19, 2010

Extended Holiday Weekend

The Boogie woke up at 5:00 a.m. yesterday and threw up in her bed and all over herself. As I stripped her down in order to put her in the tub, she informed me that she "spitted." She then continued to "spit" for most of the morning and early afternoon. By evening the episodes were few and far between and she was able to keep liquid down. This morning she was lethargic and wanted only to lay down, going between her "gig girl bed", the couch, and my bed. Soon, however, she was feeling more herself and has been pretty cheerful for most of the day, managing to eat some crackers and drink some juice. She threw up a couple of times but nothing like yesterday so I'm hoping by tomorrow she'll be over it. I was supposed to work this afternoon -- praise the Lord for coworkers who willingly cover for me. Tomorrow My Man has arranged to go in and get off early so he can be home with her while I work.

Thankfully the weather has been a little warmer so we've been able to keep windows cracked open to air things out, and thankfully My Man and I are not feeling yucky! We're praying to avoid the bug completely ...

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