February 28, 2012

Thankfulness Month: Day 28

Today I am thankful for:

-MIL coming to my rescue yesterday when I could not find my car key; bless her heart, she came to my house to watch the girls AND let me take her car to work.
-finding the missing key last night (thank You, Lord!)
-me NOT being the one to misplace the key -- it's a little thing, but you know how some things happen and you simply cannot understand how you did that? I wracked my brain all afternoon yesterday trying to remember what in the world I did with my key ... and then it turned out that it wasn't me at all. Whew. I know that these children suck brain cells out of my head but it is a relief to discover that I'm not missing as many as I thought.
-finding something else that has been missing for several weeks (bonus!)

-on a separate note, I am thankful for my husband's faithfulness to me. I was struck this morning by the thought that I definitely take that for granted. When Eric and I got married we vowed to be faithful to each other; we believe that God has commanded this, so not only do we want to keep our promise to each other but we desire to be obedient to God. I expect to be faithful to my husband and I expect the same from him ... but we are sinful humans and NO ONE is exempt from temptation. I am so thankful that Eric practices this, showing me daily of his regard for me and his obedience to God, and setting an example to our daughters of how a godly man should love his wife.

What are you thankful for today?

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Katie said...

I've really enjoyed your Thankfulness Month! :)