December 11, 2008


Why won't Blogger separate my paragraphs? This is so frustrating. I really do write in paragraphs. I promise. Please imagine paragraphs in my previous entry.


Cove Girl said...

I hate it when it does that. Sometimes I'm able to get it to work if I go back in to edit it and I hold down the shift key and the enter key at the same time. Sometimes there is stuff w/in the HTML that gets messed up. I hope that works for you.

Thanks for explaining the tag. I get it now.

Dylan and Rachael said...

The other thing you can do is go to "edit html" when you do your post and at the end of each paragraph, type "space" and put brackets around it. I'd demonstrate but blogger won't let me do it in a comment. :-) After the space, just press enter and you will have your paragraphs! Blogger is really picky but if you do most of your writing in "edit html" instead of "compose", you'll get what you want :-)