December 15, 2008

The Countdown: 10 Days 'til Christmas

Vee (my sister) texted me yesterday from Warshington that she was snowed in. Snowed in! I am not jealous. My favorite kind of snowfall is when it lightly dusts the ground but melts on the roadways, and is completely gone by the next morning. Hold all ice, please.

I am pleased to record that I accomplished several things last week: the living room was cleaned and rearranged and partially decorated; the Boogie's room was cleaned and rearranged, and her toys were sorted through and put neatly away; our room was cleaned and the pile of papers accumulating on my dresser since September were sorted and filed. I even dusted in our room! It has been, I am ashamed to say, months. Ack. To be totally honest, I didn't completely clean the living room. The computer desk definitely needs some work, but I'll tackle that later this week. The ladies' meeting will be here on Friday so that will be my motivation.

Saturday evening we went to dinner at Maggianos in Philly. The food was AMAZING. If there is one near you, I highly recommend it. We dined family style and I tried just about everything. I was stuffed! Afterwards DH and I walked down to City Hall to see the Christmas tree. It was so neat to see Philly all decorated and lit up. We had a lovely evening.

Christmas preparations are coming along. On our way to dinner on Saturday we stopped by Ikea to pick up the Boogie's gift from us, a small table and chairs. Today I'll head to the third floor at 52 and search for the missing decoration box. I know there's another one because our tree stand is in it! I'll do a little more shopping today and meet DH after work to go get our tree.

It is going to be a busy week. Here is the schedule so far:
*Today -- cleaning, shopping, decorating
*Tuesday -- laundry day at 52
*Wednesday -- dinner with the D family
*Thursday -- more shopping
*Friday -- Christmas lunch, ladies' meeting here
*Saturday -- play practice, MIL's family Christmas party
*Sunday -- church and Christmas play
Incorporated into most of those days will be more cleaning, gift-wrapping, package-mailing, cooking and baking, and more decorating.

I think it's time to turn off the computer and get busy!

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