December 11, 2008

Smart Boogie

Yesterday I rearranged our living room as you can see by these pictures. Of course if you've never seen our living room in its original state these will mean nothing to you.
I think I like it. It sort of gives the illusion of a separate living room. Originally I did it so we would have somewhere to put our tree but there still isn't a place for one so when we get it we might have to shuffle some of the furniture back around.
Then I started putting out the Christmas decorations. I think I'm missing a box because I didn't end up with very many things. I'm sure I have more snowmen to set out. Also I distinctly remember a large square wreath-like thing with a snowman wearing skis sitting in it. However, just remembering it doesn't mean that it belongs to me. Maybe I saw it somewhere else and it embedded itself in my memory, tricking me into thinking that it's mine. In any case I will have to go looking for another box just to be sure.
I set up our nativity scene on the stand by the front door.
After a while I noticed the Boogie standing on a bag of unfolded laundry, gazing at the scene.
"What do you see?" I asked her.
"Baby," she said, pointing.
"That's right!" I told her, delighted that out of everything there, the tiniest figure was what caught her eye. "That's baby Jesus!"
"Jesus," she repeated. Then the little wheels started turning in her head and after another minute or two she began to hum "Jesus Loves Me"! What a smartie.

That's my girl. :)

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