December 17, 2008

The Countdown: 8 Days 'til Christmas

On Monday when we went tree-shopping the temperature was in the low sixties. It was an odd feeling, but nice not to have to get all bundled up! It reminded me of the Christmases my family spent in San Diego when we were stationed there. The first year we were married DH and I bought our tree at one of those farm-stands you see by the road and paid (if I remember right) about forty dollars for a five-foot tree. Last year we went to another stand and paid about twenty dollars for a little three-footer (the Boogie was just starting to crawl so we put it up on a table where she couldn't reach.)
By this year we had learned our lesson so we went to Lowe's where we paid $23 with tax for a nice 6-foot Balsam fir. The pickings were a little slim, but DH patiently held each one up and spun it for me until I found the least Charlie Brown-ish one. I think it has a very nice shape and it certainly smells lovely! The Boogie has had a difficult time resisting the charms of ornaments at her level but we hung the wood and felt ones and some plastic Ikea balls at the bottom of the tree, and anchored it to the wall with fishing wire just in case she tries to knock it over. Her favorite ornament is a tiny felt train engine. When we are there she touches it with one finger and says delightedly, "Choo-choo? Choo-choo!" When we are not there she pulls it off and brings it to us saying, "Choo-choo!" The "don't touch the tree" rule is a work in progress.

DH, bless his heart, went up to the third floor and searched around with a flashlight on his head until he found the other Christmas box which contained the square Christmas wreath (proving I am not delusional) and the tree stand. So I was wrong about having more snowmen to set out. Oh, well!

Yesterday I wrapped the gifts for my family and sent them off. I'm glad to have that task completed. I just have a couple more things to mail and I'll be finished for now. I'm not even going to try to get cards out before Christmas. I might manage to get a letter in the mail by the end of this month. Or next month. We shall see.

Through-out the day yesterday it rained and sleeted and snowed -- it was cold! Today I think it's only raining. It's a good day for me and the Boogie to stay home and get some cooking and cleaning done.


Cove Girl said...

It snowed today. It's been in the 20's for most of the week. Now the weather reports are calling for more snow on Sunday! I'm glad that I'll be in California by that time:) Have a Merry Christmas.

Dustin said...

Thanks so much for dinner last night! It was awesome and we had a great time. We'll have you guys over soon.

Jackie's World said...

Have a wonderful Christmas! Chris and I are in WA and enduring the bazaar weather conditions here. We had to get our Christmas shopping done by the second week in Dec...I mailed stuff to WA (cheaper than paying for extra luggage).