December 29, 2008

God's Perfect Provision

Because of my serious lack of blogging over the past two weeks, I may have to do some backtracking. Then again, I may share this and forget about everything else!

For Christmas I got a bonus from my boss. I didn't tell DH about it, thinking instead that I would use it for a surprise super-fun gift for him. Last Monday the plan was that after DH got home from work I would go out and finish the Christmas shopping all by myself (yay for Boogie-less shopping trips!) I secretly intended to cash that check and go on a Super-Fun-Gift-For-DH hunt. But what actually happened was that when DH came home his right eye was red and irritated. He said that it had been bothering him all day, and that it felt like there was something in his contact, even after he took it out and cleaned it thoroughly. He took out his contacts and I took a look at his eye -- people, it looked like a divot had been taken out, right across the pupil. It still gives me the shivers to think about it (I cannot bear eye injuries. I can give birth without an epidural. I can watch open-heart surgery on the Discovery channel. I can listen to your story about a post going through someone's leg. But please, please don't tell me about a detached cornea or show me your bloodshot eye or anything like that. It makes me quavery inside.) We called an opthamologist and they got him right in. The doctor gave him a prescription for antibiotic drops and an ointment as well. When DH called from the pharmacy to tell me he was super-bummed about the cost of the meds. Wouldn't you know that the copay to the doctor plus the cost of meds was exactly, to the dollar, what I had left of my bonus after tithing? TO THE DOLLAR, y'all. So there was no Super Fun Gift but DH has a healthy eye, and that is all that matters.

You can't tell me that was a mere coincidence. God always provides exactly what we need, exactly when we need it.


Cove Girl said...

I'm glad that his eye was OK. Eye injuries are never fun and people are very sensitive where their eyes are concerned. It's also great to know that God always provides for us. PTL! I'm sure he would rather be able to see you and Boogie any day than have a super fun Christmas present, even though it would have been given with good intentions.

No No Nanette said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

I read this post and got goosebumps. When God provides for his children, in such a specific way, it is just wonderful.

Hope his eye heals quickly.

Meleah Holloway said...

So after you read my latest blog entry I think you'll know that I can totally sympathize with you. If we add up what we've gotten as Christmas checks and love offerings over the past 3 weeks, it will probably total what we've paid out in car repairs and extra moving expenses. I agree with you that God is good and is a wonderful provider. I think that he understands when we sometimes get a little bummed over not being able to do the extra special things, as long as we realize that He has a plan and even though there's not always extra, there's always enough. We are sooo blessed. I feel especially blessed to have a friend like you and hope that you have a wonderful New Year! TTYL