December 27, 2008


What a busy time we've had over the past two weeks! We had some friends over for dinner; hosted the monthly ladies' meeting at our apartment; went to several rehearsals for the Christmas play and then had the performance. I sang in the choir and DH played the role of Grandpa -- doesn't he age well?
SIL2 pulled this play together and did an amazing job. BIL2 built the set. Many folks from church assisted with acting and singing and everyone did great!

One afternoon we had a party with MIL's family from Delaware (these pics are curtesy of SIL1 as I had forgotten to bring a camera): We got to spend more time over the weekend with one cousin who stayed at 52 for a couple of days:

In between all of these events I shopped for gifts and spent hours making beaded ornaments. I only got one good picture of the ones I made but most of them turned out pretty well. I could only work on them at naptime and after the Boogie went to bed because the combination of her with my beads was a potential disaster that I did not care to risk, so there were many late nights. Next year I think I'll try to get a head start of a month or two.

DH had Christmas Eve and Christmas day off which was wonderful. On Christmas Eve we wrapped gifts and cooked a turkey (my first one ever!), attended the Christmas Eve service at church, and headed to 52 afterwards to eat and exchange gifts.

All the LCs:

Pop Pop reads the Christmas story ... or rather, attempts to:
The Boogie is very excited to open presents!
Tearing into the gifts:
Christmas morning we slept in which was wonderful. We have to take advantage of that while the Boogie is still young enough not to wake early. :) It was so sweet to see her reaction to her new table and chairs and new (to her) play kitchen. She sat across the table from Curious George and chatted with him for quite a while.

We got dressed and went out to breakfast, then came back home and opened the gifts from my family and each other.
Our afternoon was spent on the phone with Kentuckians and Warshingtonians, and around 4:00 MIL, FIL, and SIL3 showed up for dinner. We ate and afterwards watched The Shop Around The Corner. All in all it was a wonderful, relaxing day!

I hope all of you had a lovely Christmas, and that the rest of your holiday week is nice as well!


Dustin said...

While I can't understand anything she's saying, Dena totally talks in complete sentences. She's probably saying "You seriously don't understand me? Really? Geez. Well, you get me, George. Let's bounce."

Wendy Glosser said...

Thanks for sharing...I so enjoyed the pics and the update!! Dena is getting soooo big and as always, is so stinkin cute!!

Jersey Mama said...

Yes, she does talk in complete sentences. Recently she's been throwing in a real word or two that I can understand, like this, "Blekka blekka blah baby, blah blekka blah doggy blah, daddy blah blah blekka Barney."