August 17, 2009

Binkie Elimination: Complete

Yesterday at naptime the Boogie asked for it. I showed her the little flower pot that we used to keep them in. "See, it's empty," I told her. She got into her crib and started looking under her pillow and blanket for it. I showed her the pot again. "They're all gone!" I said cheerfully. And that was that!

She has gone to bed peacefully four nights in a row. Naptimes have been a little more difficult, but I think that's more because she just doesn't want to sleep in her crib. Lately she's been asking a lot to "go onna couch." After she cried for thirty minutes yesterday I got her out of her crib. She climbed up on the couch and was passed out in less than five minutes!

I'm seeing the signs that it's time for a big-girl bed, so we're planning to transition her next month. She will get my old twin bed ... which was my mom's when she was a girl! I love that I get to pass it on to the Boogie. There is actually a whole set: twin canopy bed, dresser with mirror, nightstand, and desk with chair. For now the dresser and nightstand are in our room and the desk is what's holding up this computer! But eventually she can have the whole set. I never had the canopy set up on my bed and I'm not sure if I even brought that part with me when I moved here. If I didn't it's still in my parents' garage somewhere. The bed is pretty by itself though and I'm excited to clean it up and put some fun girly bedding on it. I think the Boogie will do great in a regular bed.

After the transition from crib to big-girl bed will come ... potty-training. I'm not even ready to start thinking about THAT.

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Engrafted Lives said...

Congrats! Mission accomplished in four nights, awesome!