August 14, 2009

Binkie Elimination: Night Two

The Boogie was happy when she woke up yesterday morning. She never asked for the binkie. She pressed close to me murmuring delightedly, "Honeyhoneyhoney" as she snuggled her head on my shoulder, then popped up again asking, "Wha'yadoin'?" This is our daily routine. It never gets old to me.

She was sweet and obliging as we ran errands in the morning. By the time we got home with a car load of groceries she was winding down. "Honey," she whined, "I tired. I wanna take a nappies." I put her in bed and she cried and called for me for an hour. I went in once to talk to her. I went in a second time to change her diaper and give her some books we just got from the library (new books = distraction, right?) That worked for all of five minutes. I went in again to take away the books and talk to her. She hiccuped through her tears, "Sing a little song?" so I sang to her and stroked her hair and she closed her eyes and was asleep just like that.

At bedtime we were mentally prepared for many more tears. We went through the usual bedtime routine and left. She called for me, without crying, and after a little bit I went back in. "Honey!" she exclaimed, "I hungry."
"No, you're not hungry," I told her. "You just had a snack. It's time to go to sleep." I tucked her in with her burpies and her blankie and a doll and a stuffed monkey and her cup, and left.

She didn't make another sound. Not a peep! She just went to sleep! Thank you, Lord!