August 22, 2009

Miss Bossy

This afternoon the Boogie was eating pretzels with her lunch. Her daddy helped himself to one off her tray. "Daddy!" she scolded, holding out her hand, "Das my p'etzel! Spit it out!"

Everything lately is preceded by "bery, bery" like this: "I bery, bery hungry. I bery, bery s'eepy. I bery, bery poopy." The other night after church we went downstairs to have some amazing lemonade pie that HR made. The Boogie played happily with her cousins and H-man for a while but soon became overtired and overwhelmed. Something insignificant happened and set off much crying. I said goodnight to everyone and brought her upstairs where she sobbed, "I wanna see H-man. I wanna see Daaaaaaaddy. I wanna take a nappies." I did my best to console her while getting her ready for bed. "Honey," she wept, "I bery, bery saaaaaad!"

I borrowed Mary Poppins from the library and the Boogie loves it. When we turn it on for her she shouts exitedly, "Ma'y Poppinins! Ma'y Poppinins!" She tries to say "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and gallops around yelling, "view hallooo!" She pulls one of my birthday balloons around behind her while singing, "Let's go fly a kite." She comes up to us and introduces herself, "Hi, I Michael." She tells us, "I goin' to the bank." Yes, she has watched it too many times already.

My birthday was Wednesday. I had to work but it was still a really nice day. The doctor takes the whole office out to lunch for each person's birthday. The Boogie is always invited. Sometimes she can be shy around everyone but this time she was happy and chatty. After work I went over to 52 where the whole family had gathered for brownies and ice cream. My Man made the brownies AND homemade cream cheese frosting to put on them! They were so yummy. I got flowers and a balloon, money, gift cards, new kitchen towels, a purse, and a necklace with matching earrings. My Man gave me the first year of my blog printed and bound! He had BIL1 do it for him. It's something I've been wanting to have done and I'm so pleased with how it turned out. My grandma, parents, and all of my siblings called me to wish me a happy birthday, some of them many times. :) It was a lovely day.

Today we had planned to go to a car show, but Hurricane Bill has brought lots of rain our way so we went to Target instead. My Man said something about going to the shore to see the giant waves -- now I wish we had! I think it would have been fun.

Next week is My Man's first furlough from work. Things at his job have really slowed down so they're laying off 25% of the employees at a time on a rotation. I won't say it's not worrying, but for now we're thankful that he still has a job and that he can file for unemployment for the week that he is laid off. It will be nice to have him around more for a few days! Next week he's going to help his dad work on the deck at 52, and I still will be working, but we're planning to take one day and go to the zoo.

Time to start the bedtime routine with the Boogie!

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joy said...

we went to the LBI to see the waves. we anticipated rain but you would not believe how spectacular the sky was. it was gorgeous. we went by the Barnegat light house and let the kids play inbetween the jetty and the land. you would of been disappointed in the waves though, they were certainly less than giant. just rough surf.