August 26, 2009

Curious Boogie Goes To The Zoo

Yesterday we got to go to the Philadelphia Zoo. It was the perfect day to go, not too warm or humid. There were lots of people there! We walked around for several hours until the Boogie was exhausted and our feet hurt. It was really fun and hopefully we can do it again soon.

I didn't take that many pictures but here are a few.

Right outside the brand-new avian center was a bird show. Aren't they beautiful? We were fascinated by how well they are trained.

This guy cracked me up, just sitting there watching everyone with his chin in his hand.

Two minutes after we got in the car to go home the Boogie looked like this. She was wiped out!

On the way home my car started overheating. We found somewhere to pull over and it turns out the fan isn't working. Praise the Lord we didn't hit any traffic and were able to keep moving. Hopefully it will be an easy fix.

The Boogie knows what this cupholder is for! Too bad it doesn't fit!

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